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23 Years Experience


You might be wondering, “Why should I trust this person with my business?” Let me give you a glimpse into my journey: I packed my bags and moved my family to the US in 2015. I didn’t have a lot of money, but I brought along more than 15 years of hands-on experience in Digital Marketing, working with small IT firms and big real estate projects.

Once here, I didn’t just sit idle. I got to work and started businesses from scratch – a construction venture that hit eight figures in just 3 years and an accounting firm that took off in under 2 years. Along the way, I invested a lot in ads, led big creative and tech teams, and faced both successes and challenges. But guess what? My talent for marketing always shone through, helping me overcome tough situations.


Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know that I’m a business owner just like you. I understand the significance of cashflow, sales, and profit margins in today’s world. And if you don’t step up your game in digital marketing, you’ll fall behind for sure. That’s why I launched my own marketing firm. My aim? To help business owners like you succeed by promoting your business online using the same marketing strategies that fueled my growth.

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We Assist Business Owners to Turn Passion into Profit.”

your small business’s potential has no limit it is time to dream Big and achieve even bigger dreams

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Marketing LAB that transforms your Passion into Profit

Now, I’ve experienced both incredible successes and crushing failures throughout my entrepreneurial journey About Funnels Lab. But there was one crucial lesson I learned that always brought me back on my feet: the power of marketing. More specifically, I realized the immense value in building a solid email list that I could leverage time and time again. It became abundantly clear to me that if you own a business and you’re not actively focused on growing your email list, then you’re not really running a business at all. You’re merely indulging in a hobby and determined to assist fellow small business owners in transforming their hobbies into bona fide businesses. I’m determined to assist fellow small business owners in transforming their hobbies into bona fide businesses. 

 I want to share my knowledge and help them understand the importance of marketing and the remarkable potential that lies in cultivating a strong and engaged email list. Because when you have that foundation in place, the possibilities are endless, and the path to success becomes all the more attainable.

The C-Team

A dynamic blend of talent and expertise

He has extensive experience in organizational design, business process reengineering.

Jonas Douri

Chief Visionary Officer
Graphic Design Maestros follow principles of balance, contrast, and alignment to create visually appealing and effective designs while prioritizing client goals and audience understanding.

Khalil Hadi

Graphic Design Maestro
Web Development and Design experts create user-friendly websites and applications, blending technical expertise with creative design to deliver seamless online experiences.

Ali Chal

Web Developer
With over 11 years of experience in the Corporate world, his relentless commitment to achieving results earned him the title of operations master.

Adam Ben

Operations Maestro
He has extensive experience in organizational design, business process reengineering.

Jordan Douri

Strategy Architect
He has extensive experience in social media platforms and is passionate about creating memorable experiences for our clients

Pedro Martin

Experience Orchestrator
At her core, she is an artist who has been painting and drawing since the age of 4. Her passion revolves around all things related to art, creation, and content generation.

Rachel White

Storytelling Maven
Customer service is his strength, and he consistently goes the extra mile to bring a smile to a client's face.

Riad Adam

Client Happiness Curator